A professional gamer’s life may seem light and easy-going– what’s taxing with playing games all day, anyway? However, behind that desk covered in cans of energy drinks and twin HD monitors is an individual who could be suffering from workplace injuries that commonly affect 9-5 average joes toiling their day away in busy corporate offices. Despite the difference in profession, a pro gamer is just as susceptible to repetitive stress injuries like we all can be.

Real Gamer Fuel

A professional gamer may not be exposed to 8-hours of physical labor, but their lifestyle requires them to sit in front of a computer for extended hours, clicking away at their mouse and keyboard. In some instances, a pro gamer spends the entire day in front of their computer or console. Replace pro gamer with a computer programmer, a marketer, a writer, or a graphic designer, and you pretty much have the description of the most common victim of repetitive stress injuries. Basically, anyone who spends most of their time in front of a computer in a sedentary position is bound to experience bodily discomforts that come with limited physical movement.

The lifestyle might seem glamorous from afar, but the prevalence of a bad spine and a carpal tunnel syndrome, which commonly affects heavy computer users, has nothing interesting or charming going for it. If you are already experiencing finger twitches or a painful wrist whenever you use the mouse, you are one foot into the door of RSI. Over time, these minor discomforts could turn into a full-on disability and decreased quality of life.

Because of the risks, many gamers lately have been replacing their decked out gamer seats with exercise balls. Or, if you want to go for something that fits the gamer aesthetic, one good addition to your gaming arsenal is an ergonomic wobble chair – http://anthrodesk.ca/accessories/wobble-chair.html . Think of it as a gaming stool that doubles as a yoga ball. It doesn’t take up the space that a yoga ball would, but it can be used in a number of exercises that you can perform while seated.

Many gamers have also gone beyond the norm and replaced their bulky tables with suspended mounts. The advantage to using monitor mounts – http://anthrodesk.ca/accessories/double-monitor-mount.html is that they can be adjusted to meet any height and length, depending on your preferences. A dual monitor mount can also hold two monitors, and may be adjusted depending on what you feel is comfortable.

Watch Your Posture

Replacing your gamer gear, however, is not the only solution to protecting yourself from a bad back or twitching fingers. The biggest change you can bring to your life is watching your posture, and ensuring that you are properly seated or standing upright. Improving your posture by exercising or by using ergonomic furniture can gradually arrest body aches and pains, and ultimately, change your life.

Maintaining good posture not only points to good health, it also keeps our body in symmetry. Maintaining a symmetrical figure when seated, standing, or when lifting objects also protects your joints and bones from cramps and sudden cracking. In extreme instances, keeping your frame at balanced angles at all times protects your body from fractures while also allowing you to work efficiently.

Ergonomics for Gamers

The science of ergonomics is most popularly spoken about in busy corporate offices, but in reality, gamers are exposed to the same dangers corporate workers are. It’s about time ergonomics is introduced into the gaming lifestyle, as well.

If you are an avid player, a streamer, or simply someone who finds gaming for hours on end the best form of entertainment, protect yourself the same way corporations protect their talents: with ergonomics. Ensure that your gaming setup is designed to give you the best and safest gaming experience possible, and when in doubt or in need of tools that can improve your gaming, look into ergonomic furniture to complete your setup.