For many people, gaming is their way of life. They can survive playing for hours or even a day without standing which is their habit. Gamers must be able to think of ways on how to stay healthy and in shape because they are the one to reap the benefits in the end. 


Apart from being healthy, gamers should also be familiar that if they did not stay fit, this could lead to obesity. Which we all know has lower reaction times and mental fogginess. This sometimes interferes in the way they perform at video games. 


The next issue is about the improper posture which they usually encounter back and shoulder pain due to long hours of sitting while playing. Having this pain often interferes with gaming performance as they cannot perform well due to the pain that they are experiencing. Another problem that they have encountered is the hand injury, which they have incurred carpal tunnel syndrome which is due to improper posture and due to long hours of gaming. This is a severe one because some of the gamers cannot continue to play because of the severity of the injury. 


Staying healthy has a lot of benefits both in the virtual and real world, and this must be the responsibility of the gamer. Here are some tips which can help and guide players on their journey to a great gaming experience. 


Gaming aside also has a lot of benefits. Here are some of the few examples. 

  • It is beneficial to society
  • It can improve emotional well- being
  • They can make friends while gaming
  • It improves cognitive skills
  • It can inspire future careers including, history art and science


While there are a lot of benefits, we also need to ensure that we take care of our well-being so that we are healthy and in shape. Here are some of the examples. 


Prepare Healthy Food

Before starting your day with a game, it is best to prepare yourself with a healthy meal and snack so that you are sure that you are eating the right food. It is always best to choose fresh fruits and fibre-rich diet so that even if a gamer stayed all day playing video games, they are fuelled with enough food. 


Substituting unhealthy snacks with healthy ones is also difficult especially during the stage wherein a gamer is in the middle of an exciting moment in the game. Choosing to eat healthy food will also provide and give you the nutriens that you need. 


Plan an Exercise or Workout

While gaming is always associated with binge eating, it’s best to combine physical activity so that it can prevent any disease which can lead to heart problems. Since there are moments that were spent most of the days inside the house, a gamer should take some workouts and a fitness boost. Extra time should be associated with simple home workouts, like exercise with easy to access equipment. 


Having a home exercise will not only help you to stay fit but also will support your posture, and it will counter the effects of prolonged sitting while gaming. Exercise is vital to one’s health because it keeps your metabolism at the check and it can burn fats. 


Some workouts are performed in a seated position to allow you to focus on your game still. But even if you do this exercise while gaming it is always best to integrate other stretches and exercise that involves standing so that your feet can move.


Working out can also release frustration as well as help to keep in shape. There is no question that it can reduce fatigue and help in concentration levels. Eating well can feel better and be more positive. It can also improve mood and reaction. 


Stretch While Gaming 

To avoid stiffness, muscle pain, inflammation and other pain associated with prolonged sitting, it is best that we do some stretches once in a while during breaks. Stretching is essential for a gamer, and it is important to spend three to five minutes every hour to stretch your legs, back, arms and chest. Any variety of arm exercise will get your blood flowing and encourage muscle stimulation. 


The wrist is another area that experiences a lot of stress from a long day of playing video games. It may develop a hand and wrist injury that can lead to further health issues. Toe touches are a creative way to release tension in your back and can also help stretch your hamstrings. 


If you consider yourself as a frequent gamer, your wrist and hands may be susceptible to developing issues in the future. Carpal tunnel is one of the issues being considered as common effects of repetitive motions like using a controller. So it is essential that stretches will be done once in a while to ensure that it will not harm your wrist and hands in the future. 


Invest in a Sit-Stand Desk

A sit-stand desk is a good investment as this will allow the gamer to stand. Just like working, a standing desk can offer a lot of benefits to a gamer. The table can be adjusted to a standing position where a gamer can be reminded that they need to stand.A sit-stand desk does not only help prevent sedentary lifestyle.It is also proven to avoid the risk of diabetes and heart diseases brought by an inactive lifestyle. One of the ways on how we can do this is by only using an adjustable standing desk or a standing desk converter.


An adjustable standing desk let you choose your position for working. It can be either through a sitting area or standing. Standing allows you to move freely and make your blood circulate. A sit-stand desk is good for those who need a lifestyle change and wants to be active at the same time.


Many people believe that this furniture is worthy of your investment. Not only for the health benefits it can offer but also for the aesthetic purpose it can do in your room. Better to invest in a standing desk that can help you with all your needs. 



Have a Social Life

It is not wrong to be into gaming for a long time, but we should know how to disconnect from virtual to the real world once in a while. Make time to communicate with your family and friends. The best thing to do is to make new friends. 


Gaming can be a powerful idea for building social skills because there are games that let you interact with different kind of people and gives every gamer a chance to socialize. They can make new friends online and at the same time build social skills. But it can also make you anti-social if you just focus on gaming and don’t entertain other social means that can broaden your knowledge.  


Online games carry a lot of risks however it also has the benefits of what they call a social play which makes the gamer build relationship. The opportunities for making a long-term and lasting relationship, strengthening the current relationship, and building networks exist in many games for those who want to take advantage of it. Understanding the effects of online gaming on young people will likely continue to grow as these types of activities becomes more and more widespread.